Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

There are two bedrooms in our current apartment. The biggest bedroom we sleep in, C keeps all of his clothes, and I hang half of my clothes. The other bedroom is used as a guest bedroom, and in the closet is a futon mattress, storage boxes, the rest of my clothes in a dresser, and all of my craft supplies. We'll call the guest bedroom my bedroom. So my bedroom currently is very ugly in my opinion.

Extra dresser I have no idea what to do with yet 

 I didn't really mind it too much, until I redid my dresser. I'm tired of ugly cheap floor lamps, and mismatched bedding, old comforters, etc. I don't really have much space and because we live in an apartment, we don't really want to mess with painting. But that's no excuse, I read tons of design blogs where people living on a budget or in small spaces have 'to die for' looks. The dresser is such a focal point I decided to re-do my whole bedroom giving it a put together more grown up look. I made a theme of things I want to do to pull the space together, but I got side tracked the past couple of months and haven't really gotten anything for it completed besides the wall art C and I made. Click the link to read up on my new theme and plans.

I already have collected cans and plastic bottles to work on a flower wall art thing inspired by all of the awesome displays that are always up in every Anthropologie store I've ever been to. One of the easier changes that I think I'm going to love, and that will help bring the whole room together is the duvet cover I plan on making. The only thing that's been stopping me is that I want to make it in emerald, and I haven't been able to find emerald flat sheets anywhere. Anyone have any ideas? I'm holding out, because I don't want to make it in white unless it's a last resort. I can't wait to get back on track and to post pictures as the room comes together!


  1. You'll be like the people on twister with their cut up bloody hands from cutting the pop cans.

  2. for the sheets: target perhaps? maybe bed bath & beyond?

  3. I looked in the store at both Target and BBB, I might check out their websites!