Monday, February 3, 2014

Crochet Away: Shell Baby Beanie

                                                                                                        A close up of the 'shell' stitch

I saw a picture of a seashell stitch hat ages ago on Pinterest, and finally got around to looking at the link to  make it. The Dainty Daisy posted the pattern, and the only downside is that it's only sized for babies and up to 10 yrs of age. My head is a wee bit bigger than a 10 year olds, but I knew someone who just had a newborn so I decided to whip this up as a quick gift. This came together really quickly, and I love working on patterns that have a repeating stitch because my hands take over and my brain can zone out or focus on other things. I haven't gotten to give this as a gift yet so I don't have any pictures of the baby wearing it yet, and she might need to do some growing into it (I picked the 0-3 month old pattern size). Since there aren't instructions on how to make this for an adult I think I'm going to work on adapting the pattern so that it can fit adults. It really shouldn't take too much tweaking, but once I get it and make a hat for myself I'll be sure to post pictures and the pattern for you all to try out!