Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adding Color: A Painted Vase

About a week or so ago I had some time for another simple cheap project. If you remember from my spare bedroom theme the colors for that room are green, gold, white/cream, and coral. If you are ever on Pinterest you've probably seen pictures of glass vases, sculptures, or candle holders people have taken to painting. The neat thing is that instead of painting the outside you paint the inside, which if your vase is glass, this leaves you with a nice shiny outer surface. I thought that it was a neat and easy idea, plus it would help me add some color into the spare room.

Easy Wardrobe Addition: Jean Jacket Vest

I was down in Denver a couple of weekends ago and I noticed a lot of people wearing jean jacket vests. Is this a new thing? I loved it. It's such a simple way to make an outfit a bit edgier. I usually wear mine with a dress when I want something that'll keep my arms warm and I don't want to wear a cardigan or zip up hoodie. I love my cropped jean jacket, and I've had it for 4 years at the least. I've been wearing it less and less because I was slightly tired of the cropped look and the arms are were starting to get a bit too small in the shoulders.

But after I saw all the jean jacket vests in Denver, I decided to cut the sleeves off mine and make my own. This is a really simple project and only involves scissors or a rotary cutter. If you cringe at the thought of chopping up a jean jacket you have or don't really want to buy a brand new one to cut it up, check out your local thrift shops.

                                                                    I used my rotary cutter to cut alongside the seam of the jacket

This vest is perfect for fall, i can wear it over longer sleeve shirts and layer.  On a warmer day i can still wear it with a tank top or a dress. It's lightweight but does still provide that extra layer you need in the mornings here at this time of year(it's been in the low 40's)  but it wont't leave you sweaty the way a down vest would in the afternoons which are still getting up to 70. Plus I feel like I have a new piece in my wardrobe to change things up!

My photographer disappeared on me, but you can still get the idea!