Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Backlog of Summer Makes

It has been far too long since I updated this space. Summer was jam packed and even though I was able to eke out a couple different pieces of clothing I just never got around to posting them. Now that it's fall and things have slowed down a tiny bit I figured I'd just do one mass post with the majority of the things I made this summer. The plan, in my head at least, is to try and get back into the routine of posting things immediately after I make them. If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen some of these - so much easier  just to post a quick snap over there.

In no particular order these are some of the things I made this summer:

 self drafted tank top with a split back made out of a scuba like material

This is the Alice Top by Tessuti Patterns and I loved it so much I made it twice (both in linen)

This top is definitely very different than something I'd normally wear. It's loose and billowy in the waist and I worry that it looks 'maternity'. On the other hand it's lightweight and breezy in the summer and is a nice mix between casual and dressy. On the black version I added piping around the armscye. I wish I had also done this at the yoke seam. I feel like there are so many variations that you can make depending on fabric choice and contrasting fabric.

This was my first time sewing a Collete Pattern. I didn't make any adjustments to the pattern; however, I wish I had used a different fabric than what I used. This was striped jersey knit which was heavier weight than a normal jersey and it made pressing hard. Also all of the fabric makes the waist droop a little bit and I really dislike how that came together there. I tried unpicking it and resewing it and I feel like it looked just as bad if not worse. The entire bodice is lined which I like because of the clean look - but it makes it heavier and warmer to wear in the summer. I honestly just wish I had saved this fabric to make a winter cardigan with instead. The first time I wore it someone came up to me and said "I love your dress," so perhaps I'm just being a bit hard on it. Sometimes you make things and hate them and this was one of them. I would probably make this again in a different fabric.

One of the first pieces of clothing I sewed used a Sewaholic Pattern and I've been hooked on Tasia's patterns ever since. I really enjoyed this pattern and how the dress came together. The fabric  is a light weight poly voile from I love the sweet heart neckline and the gathered ruching on the cap sleeves where they attached to the bodice. The dress has pockets and is fully lined. It's a little 'too' fancy and poofy for every day wear. I also need to work on attaching the skirt to the bodice a little straighter.

Lastly, I made another pair of ginger jeans. My initial pair was essentially a wearable muslin . There were a number of changes I wanted to make when I made them up in my cone mills denim. I wanted a true high waist style and I wanted them a little bit looser. I had a hell of a time with these. Just adding in extra height to the waist and grading to that gave me a weird boxy looking pair of pants. I unpicked some stitches and nip and tucked throughout the crotch and got a more normal looking pair of pants. Unfortunately they're a little loose and they bag out around the knees and thighs. I also probably could take the waistband in an inch due to how much it stretched out even being cut on the bias and interfaced. While they're not perfect they're definitely not horrible. In hindsight I should've taken into consideration that my denim has a lot more stretch than the white stretch twill I used for my muslin pair and could've probably just cut the original size.

That's more or less everything I made this summer. Currently I'm working on a sleeveless granville button up from sewaholic patterns. I'm also planning on making a few pairs of shorts and swimsuits for an upcoming trip to Mexico!