Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crochet Away: Colorado Slouchie Beanie

Colorado Proud!!!
There's something about the state of Colorado that makes people who live here absolutely love it. Some combination between the mountains, endless sunshine, 60 degree weather in December (it's surprisingly 11 degrees here today!), snow, and who knows what else that makes this a fantastic place to live. People who live here love everything, including their state flag. The only other state I've really been to that represents their state flag as much is California.

Peek into: The Craft Room

I haven't posted about the craft room before, mainly because it still wasn't very setup. I had some time over Thanksgiving break to get some things organized (hide some other things in the closet) and make it look presentable with what I have so far. This room had a built in bench/desk that I thought would be perfect, but in actuality it's a really small tight spot when you're working with a bigger piece of fabric.