Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peek into: The Craft Room

I haven't posted about the craft room before, mainly because it still wasn't very setup. I had some time over Thanksgiving break to get some things organized (hide some other things in the closet) and make it look presentable with what I have so far. This room had a built in bench/desk that I thought would be perfect, but in actuality it's a really small tight spot when you're working with a bigger piece of fabric.

                hanging tools = less time searching for them                  My grandma got me that spool rack! Here's a similar one        
Both my roommate and I have sewing machines, and they both sit there. Other than that there's really only room for my sewing basket and all of my spools of thread. Ideally I'd like to build or find another desk or bench and connect it to this built in piece and have it extend in front of the windows in the room. Each sewing machine could have a spot and the work space would be much longer and it wouldn't feel so cramped. I'd also like to have a taller island or table on the wall opposite of where the sewing machine currently sits in order to iron, draft, and cut patterns. Right now I do all of that on the floor which kills my back and knees.

Sneak peak of  a hat I'll be posting soon                                                              Ideas galore                  

I had crocheted this heart garland last year around Valentine's day, and it hadn't really found a spot in our new home. I figure I could hang it up and use it as a space to hang ideas, half finished, projects, and projects that need to be posted. I usually just scribble ideas on post it notes that I end up losing, and this way I have a space to not only keep a hold of my ideas but also give me a visual reminder of projects and things I need to do next. All in all I like the way the room is finally coming together, and I've been holing myself away in there working on Christmas projects for people. Check back soon for updates to the room as well as other projects.


  1. Ugh, that is were the tape measure went. Grrrrrrrrr, I've been looking for it