Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crochet Away: Colorado Slouchie Beanie

Colorado Proud!!!
There's something about the state of Colorado that makes people who live here absolutely love it. Some combination between the mountains, endless sunshine, 60 degree weather in December (it's surprisingly 11 degrees here today!), snow, and who knows what else that makes this a fantastic place to live. People who live here love everything, including their state flag. The only other state I've really been to that represents their state flag as much is California.

I mean it is kind of cute
I've seen a couple of beanies on campus and a bunch on Etsy , for a whopping $50.00!, with this design and I thought that it was a neat way to represent the state without being overstated. Seeing as how I wasn't going to spend $50.00 on a beanie, I decided to make my own, which probably cost me less than $20.00, which is around what I would sell them for just in case anyone is interested and wants one *wink wink*.

I adapted a slouchy puff stitch beanie I found over at Bits & Bobbles and the end result was this hat! The only things I would change next time would be the width of the ribbed band at the bottom of the hat. It's really wide, and I think half the the size would be just fine. Crocheting a ribbed headband is something I think I will do from now on with all of the hats I make, mainly because I like the look. The other benefit is that it has more stretch, the downside to this however is that repeated pulling of the hat on and  off can make it stretch too much. To solve that problem I would sew a piece of fleece or other soft material to the inside of the headband part to the exact size so that way it can't stretch out over time. The other thing I would change is that I would make it a little shorter. I did want it really slouchy, but it ended up more slouchy than I was expecting. Barring those things I think it came out perfect and I can't wait to make a bunch more.

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