Monday, April 22, 2013

My Minoru Jacket

I finally did it, I bought a pattern to make a jacket. The 1103 Minoru Jacket pattern by Sewaholic to be exact! Here's what the lovely thing will look like, hopefully, when I'm done.

Isn't it awesome! There's a hidden hood in the collar too
I haven't purchased a pattern since my sister and I bought Margo Anderson's Elizabethan Lady's Wardrobe pattern that we used to make full costume period pieces to wear to a Renaissance Faire. At the time the pattern was way beyond our skill level, but we were determined and both of us working through things together were able to piece together two fantastic dresses.

Both dresses are currently entered in a costume contest, feel free to vote for either of us to win $100

After a years worth of work we were both off of sewing for a while, but since then I've always contemplated making normal dresses or pieces of clothing. However, I'm not at the level where I can simply draft my own pieces, which is where patterns come in. I don't know if it's just me, but the images on the front of pattern bags just really throw me off. They just don't ever look like things I would want to wear, even if the finish product would come out really awesome, but I blame that on the artists. For years tons of people have used these patterns to make themselves affordable clothing, so I guess I should try to start being more trusting. Nowadays there are a lot of pattern companies that sell fashionable patterns (Project Runway, Vogue, etc).

That skirt is kind of cute, right? Maybe???                 Minoru Pattern - $17.98

After seeing other blogger's version of the completed Minoru Jacket I knew that the pattern was trustworthy in addition to being stylish and I went ahead and bought it. What's really awesome is that Tasia, the creator of Sewaholic Patterns has her own blog that's different from the pattern website. On it she features her latest projects, but she also does sew-along's where she's posted step-by-step photo instructions along with many other helpful tips for a specific project. She has one for the Minoru Jacket, so in addition to the instructions that come with the pattern, if I get stuck at any point I'll be able to just follow along with picture directions which is a godsend. I'm planning on looking around for fabric during the week and this coming weekend. I have a feeling I'm going to make multiple versions of this jacket and for the first one I'm going to try a spring jacket. I'm thinking yellow outside, with some kind of navy lining. I also feel like a cozier tweed/corduroy version of this would be nice for a fancier winter version, and maybe if I'm crazy enough a sporty version with a mesh lining. Can you tell that once I get going my imagination just runs wild? I'll keep you posted on my fabric choices and some pictures once the pattern arrives.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wishlist: Clothes

So I was originally just planning to do a Wishlist every month around a central theme, whether that be the month, the season, or a color. But I was on Pinterest last night and saw a picture of the most awesome Harry Potter themed shirt I have ever seen before.

Harry Potter spells!!! Spell Tee - $10.00
More shirts after the link!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

There are two bedrooms in our current apartment. The biggest bedroom we sleep in, C keeps all of his clothes, and I hang half of my clothes. The other bedroom is used as a guest bedroom, and in the closet is a futon mattress, storage boxes, the rest of my clothes in a dresser, and all of my craft supplies. We'll call the guest bedroom my bedroom. So my bedroom currently is very ugly in my opinion.

Extra dresser I have no idea what to do with yet 

 I didn't really mind it too much, until I redid my dresser. I'm tired of ugly cheap floor lamps, and mismatched bedding, old comforters, etc. I don't really have much space and because we live in an apartment, we don't really want to mess with painting. But that's no excuse, I read tons of design blogs where people living on a budget or in small spaces have 'to die for' looks. The dresser is such a focal point I decided to re-do my whole bedroom giving it a put together more grown up look. I made a theme of things I want to do to pull the space together, but I got side tracked the past couple of months and haven't really gotten anything for it completed besides the wall art C and I made. Click the link to read up on my new theme and plans.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How To: Save your Shirts


 Hey everyone! I can't believe I'm saying this, but this week has been crazy so far and it's only Tuesday. I didn't get nearly as much done crafting wise as I wanted to this weekend, but that's okay. Rushed projects never turn out as nice as something that had time spent on it. What's most frustrating is the huge list of ideas I have penned down on a notebook at home, and not having enough time during the week to get to any of them. I'm really starting to understand why my favorite craft blogs don't post everyday, or the reason for having staff for the ones that do post everyday. Regardless of all that I was able to take in a shirt my mom had sent me the other day. It was too loose on her, and when I put it on it just made me look like a box. This is such an easy fix, and a simple way to give those looser pieces in your closet another chance before you toss or donate them. Click the link for the step by step.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Friday Edition

Hey everyone! This week seemed to just drag along. I am so happy today is Friday. I had a late day at work yesterday, followed by advanced step class, and by the time I got home I was ready to just lay in bed with the dogs. I caught up on some Game of Thrones and did some reading but that was about it. The friend of C's, that I made the camping pads for gave us a grill! It's nothing fancy just one of those round black charcoal ones, but we're breaking it in tonight by grilling steaks and some veggies. I can't wait, it's going to be delicious. Other than that I have 3 craft/diy projects I want to work on, if not finished this weekend so I can have some good stuff to share with you guys next week.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Before/After: Bucket to Ottoman

My staple gun broke so I don't have the fabric completely flush yet :(

No way that's a bucket in that second picture is probably what you're thinking. But you'd be wrong because it is! It's covered with some padding and batting to make it cushy, but at it's core it's a cheap orange Home Depot bucket. I love cheap projects and I was thrilled when Design*Sponge posted a DIY tutorial that was the work of Liz and Rachel and Leland who work at Commonwealth Vintage Rentals, and Revive Upholstery & Design respectively.

Glorious, right? 
Photo Credit: John Fitzgerald and Braden Spotts

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How To: Camping in Comfort


I'm very excited to be posting my first, of what will hopefully become many, How To/Tutorial Post. My boyfriend's friend is going camping in Colorado, Utah, and some other neighboring states for the next few months. Sleeping in a tent for a few days can be rough on the back especially after long days of hiking. One way to hopefully alleviate this problem is to use a camping pad underneath your sleeping bag for some more cushion. They can get rather pricey, but he had the idea to use an old mattress pad (Sultan Tjome Pillowtop) as a camping pad. If you don't have a mattress pad or pillowtop you could use an old futon mattress, i'm sure they're easy to find for cheap on Craigslist. If you wanted to start from scratch all you would need are a couple yards of fabric, 1 inch foam padding in your desired width and length, a sewing machine, and some thread! Here's how I made these...

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Really Want a Garden

I don't know what has gotten into me, but I want to start a little fruit and vegetable garden so bad. Coming from me this would probably be surprising to my immediate family. I have always hated going with on trips to garden store, watering plants, or having to do anything with the planting process. I was never the one that bought or wanted the plants in the first place so I couldn't understand why my mom insisted on making me water them, and my snarky teenage/scientist argument was that if the plants were meant to survive they would and if they didn't, well hey, survival of the fittest. There was also the time my lovely parents decided they wanted some front yard landscaping, and so we spent all day hacking up the grass and smoothing out dirt, and hating every second of it (I'm convinced my parents hated it too), but we went to see Pirates of The Caribbean afterwards so....

Granny Square Coffee Cozy

Hey everyone! I had a pretty fun weekend, one of my coworkers had some free passes to a snow resort up in Wyoming to use up before they closed for the season. C and I tagged along with them on Saturday and got to ride for a few hours, plus we'd not been up to Wyoming yet so it was fun. There definitely wasn't a lot of scenery or populated areas, from what I've heard further west it's really beautiful though. Sunday was a busy day of grading papers, catching up on Game of Thrones, and heading over to the indie theater in town where I saw Stoker. It was a good movie, creep and unnerving (along the same vein as We Need to Talk about Kevin) but I liked it.

All in all I was pretty tired when I woke up this morning and some coffee to get through Monday was what the doctor ordered. Which brings me to today's post about the Granny Square Coffee Cozy I made for my mom!

Click the link to read the full post!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Wishlist

April always feel's like spring to me. I know that there's still a possibility of some more snow and it's not really safely spring until May. But the days have already started feeling warmer and staying lighter longer, and it's in the upper 60's here. I can already smell the scent of summer festivals, barbeques, and suntan lotion in the breeze...or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Either way I've compiled a list of things that scream April to me and can hopefully put a little spring in your step if needed.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013 ( Part 2)

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was awesome, we celebrated by having Easter dinner on Saturday and everything came out phenomenally. The ham was perfect and the lemon vinaigrette on the potatoes was really good, I can't wait to make those potatoes again during the week for dinners. The vinaigrette was also delicious as a salad dressing and I had a head of romaine in the fridge so I pulled that out so it wouldn't go to waste. Easter morning we were out in Breckenridge and I woke up with a gigantic Easter basket in front of my face! Corey, the Easter bunny, surprised me. I didn't think we were doing Easter baskets this year since we have so much candy left from Christmas still, but now we have even more. We spent Easter day snowboarding at Keystone and it was the perfect day, blue skies, warm, and spring snow. Monday was April Fool's Day, also known as Gaper Day on the mountain. A gaper is typically a new snowboarder or someone who has no idea what they're doing and just gets in the way of the people who do. Everyone dresses up like a gaper, in 80's snow gear, or in crazy costumes and just parties all day. All in all it was a great time hanging out with the Breckenridge family, it always feels like a mini-vacation when we go out there. My friend Kenzie, who's an amazing photographer took a bunch of pictures of everyone and the dogs so I'll have to post those when she sends them to me.