Monday, April 22, 2013

My Minoru Jacket

I finally did it, I bought a pattern to make a jacket. The 1103 Minoru Jacket pattern by Sewaholic to be exact! Here's what the lovely thing will look like, hopefully, when I'm done.

Isn't it awesome! There's a hidden hood in the collar too
I haven't purchased a pattern since my sister and I bought Margo Anderson's Elizabethan Lady's Wardrobe pattern that we used to make full costume period pieces to wear to a Renaissance Faire. At the time the pattern was way beyond our skill level, but we were determined and both of us working through things together were able to piece together two fantastic dresses.

Both dresses are currently entered in a costume contest, feel free to vote for either of us to win $100

After a years worth of work we were both off of sewing for a while, but since then I've always contemplated making normal dresses or pieces of clothing. However, I'm not at the level where I can simply draft my own pieces, which is where patterns come in. I don't know if it's just me, but the images on the front of pattern bags just really throw me off. They just don't ever look like things I would want to wear, even if the finish product would come out really awesome, but I blame that on the artists. For years tons of people have used these patterns to make themselves affordable clothing, so I guess I should try to start being more trusting. Nowadays there are a lot of pattern companies that sell fashionable patterns (Project Runway, Vogue, etc).

That skirt is kind of cute, right? Maybe???                 Minoru Pattern - $17.98

After seeing other blogger's version of the completed Minoru Jacket I knew that the pattern was trustworthy in addition to being stylish and I went ahead and bought it. What's really awesome is that Tasia, the creator of Sewaholic Patterns has her own blog that's different from the pattern website. On it she features her latest projects, but she also does sew-along's where she's posted step-by-step photo instructions along with many other helpful tips for a specific project. She has one for the Minoru Jacket, so in addition to the instructions that come with the pattern, if I get stuck at any point I'll be able to just follow along with picture directions which is a godsend. I'm planning on looking around for fabric during the week and this coming weekend. I have a feeling I'm going to make multiple versions of this jacket and for the first one I'm going to try a spring jacket. I'm thinking yellow outside, with some kind of navy lining. I also feel like a cozier tweed/corduroy version of this would be nice for a fancier winter version, and maybe if I'm crazy enough a sporty version with a mesh lining. Can you tell that once I get going my imagination just runs wild? I'll keep you posted on my fabric choices and some pictures once the pattern arrives.

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