Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Wishlist

April always feel's like spring to me. I know that there's still a possibility of some more snow and it's not really safely spring until May. But the days have already started feeling warmer and staying lighter longer, and it's in the upper 60's here. I can already smell the scent of summer festivals, barbeques, and suntan lotion in the breeze...or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Either way I've compiled a list of things that scream April to me and can hopefully put a little spring in your step if needed.

AE Open Back Pleated Dress - $39.99        AE Pleated Hi-Lo Skirt - $24.99
           Chalkboard Planters - $6.00-18.00      Coconut Creme Makeup Remover - $12.00
Fisherman Mac Jacket - $54.99
Fo' Drizzle Umbrella - $28.50                                                                    Multistripe Mini - $85.00
Ombre Stripe U-Neck T - $14.99                                              Euro Centrale Collection - $9.00
Sticks and Scones Flats - $39.99                       Facial Scrub - $12.00              
Wow and Then Flats - $22.99

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