Friday, May 3, 2013

How To: Felt Coffee Cozy


My mom requested my help in making another coffee cozy, this time using felt, similar to one she had seen in a Better Homes & Gardens video. I changed the way I made mine slightly and added buttons as a cute finishing/detail effect. Not to mention I found this awesome felt for 25 cents! I was actually really surprised by the different varieties of felts my JoAnn's fabric store had. I didn't realize patterned and textured felt existed, who knew? When I saw this textured red piece I really liked the color, and the way that the texture draws your eye. This is a simple project that won't take very much time and is great for beginners and above, all in all it took me about 30 minutes to complete. I've posted the step by step breakdown after the link!

Supplies needed:

- A piece of felt
- A coffee cozy template (I found one online for 14-16oz coffee cups - if you can't find one just trace one of the paper holders the next time you go get a coffee)
- Thread the same color as your felt or in an accent color if you prefer
- A coffee cup/mug
- Pins
- Rotary cutter or scissors

Begin by folding your felt in half width wise so that your template will fit. Pin your template to the felt trying to get it as smooth as possible. Go ahead and cut the felt using the template as guide with your scissors or rotary cutter. You will end up with two pieces of felt that are the same size and shape.

Remove the template and repin your two cut out pieces together with the right sides showing. Sew along the edges of the entire piece, about a 1/4 inch seam allowance ( The right side of my presser foot was along the edge of the fabric).

I trimmed off some of the excess material on the outer edges, just be careful not to cut into your stitching. Using your coffee cup or mug wrap the cozy around the middle or where you can get the best fit, line up the edges, and pin at the seam.

Once you have it pinned, slide it off the cup or mug carefully. Hand sew vertically up the previous end seam in order to hide your stitches and not make another seam. I then turned it inside out and put a couple of inside stitches on the inside flap, but that's not necessary.

This is what you will end up with, and if you're happy you can stop here and enjoy keeping your hands from getting burnt and your coffee toasty. I chose to add some buttons right over the seam as a way to hide the seam a bit and add some decoration.

I lined up the buttons one at a time, and hand sewed them on as well. Just start with your needle on the inside of the fabric and go through the button holes a number of times until you feel that your buttons are on there snug.

Drinking imaginary coffee is almost as fun as drinking real coffee

Just like that you're all set, pop in your purse or on your coffee cup/mug of choice. Don't be alarmed when people are jealous :)

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