Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scrambled Eggs: The Microwave Edition

I've been doing a bunch of sewing posts lately so I wanted to change things up and make sure I was sharing things that all of my readers could use/enjoy. Hopefully if I have time this weekend I'll have another non-sewing related project to share with you guys as well!

So another title you're probably all reading and thinking "gross, scrambled eggs in the microwave." Do not doubt me on this, at least try these once before you write me off entirely. They have never once come out dry, rubbery, burnt, or ruined in anyway. I've been making these microwave scrambled eggs since high school, so that is a couple of years of tried and true egg making. I want to say that I originally read about this way of cooking eggs in The Chicago Tribune, and to this day I'm glad I did. These only take a couple of minutes to make, and are great for the mornings you want a substantial breakfast but may be running short on time or just don't want to get out the frying pan and have to deal with all of the clean up. Food purists are probably cringing right now, but these are so good and quick it's worth dealing with other people's disgust. Click the link to get the step by step.

What you need:
 - Eggs
 - Water
 - Seasoning - salt/pepper or whatever you want, go crazy
 - Cheese ( optional )
 - Optional Add-in's - peppers, onions, shredded lunch meat, again whatever you want
 - Microwave safe bowl

Start by getting everything you want in your eggs ready. I usually just do one egg, but you can do as many as you'd like just keep in mind your cooking time will increase. Crack your egg(s) and place in your microwave safe bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of water per egg, this will make your eggs nice and fluffy. A lot of people put cream or milk in their eggs, but those are heavy ingredients and while they'll make your eggs taste delicious they won't be as fluffy. Add up to a quarter cup of cheese per egg, I usually use shredded cheddar. If you want to add things like peppers or onion you can add up to a quarter cup of that per egg as well. Lastly sprinkle a little seasoning on top and stir/scramble everything all together

This is what everything should look like once all scrambled! Now for the fun part, place your bowl in the microwave and set it for 30 seconds. It only takes a minute and half for me to get the consistency I like when I'm cooking one egg. However you have to microwave them at 30 second intervals otherwise they will explode in your microwave.

It's hard to see here, but that shiny bit is still raw - another 30 seconds!

In between each 30 seconds I pull mine out and give them a quick stir to mix things up and make sure everything is getting cooked evenly. If you don't stir you might end up with some runny egg on the bottom.

Fully cooked, ready to be eaten

Depending on how you like your eggs, your microwave, and how many eggs or other ingredients you add you may have to cook them longer or shorter. This is another reason it's good to take them out in 30 second intervals, besides avoiding a big mess.

I usually just have mine on a piece of toast, and when I do other add-ins I'll make it a breakfast sandwich using an english muffin or a bagel. Be creative and as always enjoy!

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