Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Making a Poster (Part 2)

I know you all were probably thinking I forgot about my original Making a Poster post, but I didn't. I had a craft fail moment and then just decided to wait and use pictures for my posters instead. I was under the impression that I could make my own Holi-like powders, similar to those used in the Design*Sponge Holi Inspired Poster Tutorial, by mixing cornstarch with food coloring dye. This didn't work, the dye just turned the bits of cornstarch it touched into a blob. I really didn't want to buy Holi-Powder just to make a poster or two and so I played around with spray paint and regular paint on some white pieces of printer paper too, but wasn't really liking how that looked either.

These would've made the ugliest posters ever. You cannot make art out of everything

I finally just decided to look through pictures of places or things that I had taken and turn them into posters. What better way to remember favorite moments than by having a poster of that moment hanging on your wall! I used a picture from my collection and two awesome shots by my equally awesome friend Kenzie        (Check out her Flickr and Instagram while you're at it!) of Coco and Neva. I followed the 'guidelines' from the Design*Sponge tutorial that's linked above as far as dimensions go and used Irfanview instead of Photoshop.

I love the way the light is reflecting off of Coco's ears in the second picture!

All that's left is for these to be printed at Kinko's on some matte paper and framed - just in time for me to use my 60% off framing coupon at JoAnn's! I liked this project because it was extremely simple and I didn't feel pressed for time, I was able to just open my pictures and edit them. Technology has allowed for us all to carry a camera with us every where we go, and many of my friends and myself included are constantly snapping pictures. You post them and sometimes forget about them, and this way you get to see them when you walk into a room. I'll be sure to post the finished posters once they're hung. Feel free to send me posters you guys make as well and I can do a roundup post of all of your creations.

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