Monday, May 13, 2013

My Minoru Jacket - Fabric Update

I made it over to JoAnn's this weekend and finally picked up the fabric and other materials I need to make my Minoru Jacket ( see the first blog post here ). I wanted a bright jacket suitable for spring or fall, the majority of my jackets are either black or navy blue or some other dark color. I usually pick dark material because I have the unlucky habit of spilling things on myself or just getting things dirty somehow. Sadly I will probably never be able to own a white coat because of the latter reasons. Hopefully I am adult enough to keep this coat relatively clean, and so I got this "dandelion" yellow cotton twill fabric for the outside. For my inner lining I was originally thinking of a navy blue, but I saw this awesome minty green "celadon" lining fabric that I thought would make an interesting chic color combo. For some reason it looks like a sky blue in this picture but it is actually more green. I got my zipper, elastic, thread, and interfacing while I was there as well.

The pattern calls for a yard of interfacing, but I picked up about 6 yards at .99 cents. I use the interfacing to trace out the pattern sizes I will need instead of cutting them out of the pattern and then cutting my fabric around them. The interfacing is see through so it's easy to lay the pattern underneath and trace on top. While it does take more time and is essentially an extra step I do it so that I don't damage the original pattern pieces. Plus if I ever sew a coat for someone who's a different size than me I still have all of the size lines to follow on the original.

 I threw all of my fabric into the wash yesterday so that way it won't shrink in the wash when I do wash it the first time after it's fully constructed. I'll probably start tracing out all of my pieces tonight and if I feel motivated I'll cut them out of my fabric as well. It's finals week for me, but luckily I only have one final. It is open note which is sort of a pain because we have a lot of notes and not a lot of time during the final to flip through them so I'll be busy preparing for that. Other than that it's maybe  summer now here in CO, it's 88 today! I have a couple of pairs of old jeans/capris that I want to turn into shorts especially now that the warmer weather is here so check in later during the week for some tutorials.

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