Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Wishlist: Travel on A Budget

Exactly a month from tomorrow I'll be hopping on a plane with my sister and flying to Italy to spend a week traipsing around Rome, Tuscany, and Venice! I am so excited, I try not to think about it too often so that I don't get distracted. My sister has done an amazing job of planning our itineraries for our days in the different cities, I just wanted to go exploring but she said for our first visit we at least had to see the famous sites. Agreed. My job is to figure out our driving directions, which I have penciled in to do on my calendar this weekend. In addition to making copies of my passport, and all of our travel arrangement documents I also wanted to get a few new things for the trip. However I don't want to blow the whole 'wants' part of my monthly budget (yes, I have a budget) on clothes and other miscellaneous goods. Especially when I'm planning on spending money on food, gelato, and souvenirs to bring back stateside. So my wishlist for this month contains items that are $30.00 or less, and it's not very long because I actually plan on buying most of these items. I mainly wanted things that were light weight and would be comfortable to wear and travel in seeing as how we will be walking a lot. This was harder than I expected, but I still managed to find things I liked, and I hope you all will as well!

Click the link to see things I picked out

          2 oz. blue PET bottles(6) - $4.7                            '80s Black and Gold Clubmaster Classic - $9.99
AEO Earring Trio - $9.99                                                          AE Ikat Top - $29.99
        Lurex Shine Sweater - $8.74                                                  Pleated Peplum Tank Top - $8.98
Half Frame Wayfarer Eyewear - $16.00                                     Striped Infinity Scarf - $15.00

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