Thursday, April 11, 2013

Before/After: Bucket to Ottoman

My staple gun broke so I don't have the fabric completely flush yet :(

No way that's a bucket in that second picture is probably what you're thinking. But you'd be wrong because it is! It's covered with some padding and batting to make it cushy, but at it's core it's a cheap orange Home Depot bucket. I love cheap projects and I was thrilled when Design*Sponge posted a DIY tutorial that was the work of Liz and Rachel and Leland who work at Commonwealth Vintage Rentals, and Revive Upholstery & Design respectively.

Glorious, right? 
Photo Credit: John Fitzgerald and Braden Spotts

 I started this project before I started this blog, so while I took some pictures, I don't have enough for a tutorial, but the Design*Sponge tutorial is awesome. They have detailed instructions and pictures for every step.  

If you attempt this here's a few pointers and just general knowledge things after following their tutorial: 

   - Dacron is the same thing as battting/fluffy quilt layering material

  - I used scissors and my rotary cutter instead of the turkey carver since I don't have one, you'd get   
    smoother edges using it though. Maybe your fabric store could cut the pieces for you if you asked!

  - They made their own piping, I just bought 50 inches of cording instead

  - When you're sewing your top piece to the main piece start with the seam of the main piece lining up with   
     the notch/seam you cut of the top piece. I didn't do this so I have my seam from the top on one side and 
     the seam from the main piece on an opposite side. It's not a big deal and I'm sure no one has noticed but 
     to me it's a huge eyesore 

  - They don't specify how much fabric you need, I bought 2 and a half yards and it's enough to cover 2 

I have a second bucket kicking around and tons of fabric leftover, but I think I'm going to use that fabric for a different project (!!!) . If I do end up using the second bucket to make another ottoman I'll be sure to take enough pictures to post my own tutorial.

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