Monday, April 8, 2013

Granny Square Coffee Cozy

Hey everyone! I had a pretty fun weekend, one of my coworkers had some free passes to a snow resort up in Wyoming to use up before they closed for the season. C and I tagged along with them on Saturday and got to ride for a few hours, plus we'd not been up to Wyoming yet so it was fun. There definitely wasn't a lot of scenery or populated areas, from what I've heard further west it's really beautiful though. Sunday was a busy day of grading papers, catching up on Game of Thrones, and heading over to the indie theater in town where I saw Stoker. It was a good movie, creep and unnerving (along the same vein as We Need to Talk about Kevin) but I liked it.

All in all I was pretty tired when I woke up this morning and some coffee to get through Monday was what the doctor ordered. Which brings me to today's post about the Granny Square Coffee Cozy I made for my mom!

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My mom had seen pictures of crocheted and knitted coffee/java cozies, and awhile back asked me to make her one. A couple months went by and I had forgotten when she brought it up again. A basic cozy is pretty easy to make, while perusing Pinterest for patterns I saw a number made out of felt with buttons, basic crocheted patterns, fancy crocheted patterns, bows, angry birds, and a number of other innovative and unique cozies.

 A basic cozy wouldn't be to hard for the beginner crocheter, you would essentially start off by making your chain until it fits full circle around a mug or a coffee cup, once you have your desired length undo a few of the chains so the end product will fit snug around your cup. Then just single/double/whatever fancy crochet stitch you want into each chain, turn and repeat until you have reached a desired width, and then perform a joining stitch to bring the ends together making a circular cozy to fit over your cup. However I wanted to make her something a little bit more fancy.

So when I saw this adorable french press cozy I knew that I wanted to do a granny square one since I hardly saw any of them. I had never made granny squares before, but now that I have I love them because they're simple, you don't really need to keep a constant count of your stitches, and they have one of the best crocheting rhythms. Your hands just completely take over. Lucky for me the french press cozy post had links on how to make a granny square and how to join granny squares . I followed those two's incredible instruction/tutorials and was able to make the cozy in the top two pictures. I definitely need to stock up on some more yarn because the color's I have are lacking and I wish I had, had more to make a more colorful cozy. I think I would've made smaller squares next time in order to get a tighter fit, I made 3 big squares and then joined them, but I think 4 smaller would've been better. It only took me about 30 minutes to make, making this the perfect project for small gifts if need be.

(Since i'm still new to this blogging thing I am always forgetting to take pictures, but if people have questions or need step by step instructions I'd be more than willing to post a detailed tutorial)

While I was crocheting I thought about how cool it would be to make one giant granny square afghan! I'd need about a million more colors of yarn, but you'd just keep going around and around, and your square would get bigger and bigger. Plus not having to keep track of stitch count would be fabulous, I've made two afghans and I'm sure there are uneven edges on both if you look close enough. This might have to be an occasional project, I'll be sure to post pictures if I get around to making it.

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  1. Does mom know your making her one? Otherwise she'll know now after reading this.