Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adding Color: A Painted Vase

About a week or so ago I had some time for another simple cheap project. If you remember from my spare bedroom theme the colors for that room are green, gold, white/cream, and coral. If you are ever on Pinterest you've probably seen pictures of glass vases, sculptures, or candle holders people have taken to painting. The neat thing is that instead of painting the outside you paint the inside, which if your vase is glass, this leaves you with a nice shiny outer surface. I thought that it was a neat and easy idea, plus it would help me add some color into the spare room.

Maybe my new pot will help me grow flowers

In the midst of our move I knocked over my orchid and the pot broke. I thought the painted vase could be a good new home for it.

I used some acrylic paint I got from Michael's for about $3.99, and then painted the inside of the vase. I gave it two coats and let it dry in between each coat. I then filled it with rocks and added my orchid. I probably should've waited until the next day to add the rocks because I noticed some of them have some green on them. Woops!All in all I really like it and I like the emerald pop it brings to the room.

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