Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Entrance Way Update: Quick and Easy Shoe Rack

It's been far too long since I last updated, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on things. I have a backlog of things to post as well as a bunch of projects I want to get started on, and ideas I can't wait to share. We've slowly been making the house our own, mainly by painting, but also by getting things fully setup and decorated. One easy area to get setup was the entrance way. We do have a little closet right next to the front door, but it's not big enough to store everything. A shoe sturdy shoe rack was an easy way to give more space and add a pop of color to the entrance. We have a decal of some camels hanging up in that hallway and one of the colors is blue, so it ties in really nicely.

This project was extremely simple and could be completed in a day. Click the link below to read the whole story.

After measuring the area in the hallway, we were able to figure out what sizes of  2 x 4's and 2 x 2's were needed. I ended up picking up one 120 inch long 2 x 2 that I asked to be cut into two pieces of equal length (60 inches each). In addition to the 2x2 I picked up a 2x4 of the same length. I only needed three pieces of the 2x4 to create a base for the 2x2's to rest on. I got three 12 inch pieces cut, and I have a long leftover 2x4 piece that I'll hopefully be able to use in a future project. When I got home I set up the 2x2's on top of the 3 evenly spaced 2x4's. There is a 2x4 at each end and one in the center for support. Corey was nice enough to mark and drill holes into the 2x2's, and then drill in nails to hold all of the pieces together. 

I sanded down the whole piece and then gave it a coat of the blue paint, who's name I can't remember right now, and then I let it dry over night. The next day I gave it a quick sand and then applied a second coat of paint. I would've liked to sand it once more and add some wax or a coat of clear sheen, but we were out, and it didn't need a third coat of the blue. So I called it a day and dragged it back inside and into the entrance way. The only thing I might consider doing in the future is getting a piece of medium density fibreboard (mdf) cut in a rectangle to match the length and width of the rack, nailing it to the bottom (after painting it blue of course), then adding another set of legs maybe a foot high to each corner of the mdf, and another piece of mdf on the very bottom. This would raise the rack higher, but also give more storage underneath. The storage space could be used for more shoes, to catch mud, or even just a place to set dog leashes and harnesses out of the way. For now it serves it's purpose and that's all that matters!

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