Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Crochet Away: Swirl Beanie

Can you ever have too many scarves, pairs of mittens, or beanies? The obvious answer, at least to me, is clearly no. I like having different cold weather accessories to choose from. Sometimes I'm looking for options to match or complement what I'm wearing and other times depending on the weather I need a lighter scarf or a heavier pair of mittens. Couple the latter with the fact that I find crocheting extremely relaxing, not to mention something i can do while watching tv or nearly anywhere for that matter, and you end up with a lot of headbands and beanies to give away as presents come Christmas time. Hopefully Corey's not reading this, or he'll ask where the headband he's been asking for the last two years is, whoops!

I would pick colors that contrast more if I used this pattern again
 I found this pattern on The Crochet Zombie , she has so many tutorials it's unbelievable. The pattern for the swirl beanie is posted here. There's a pdf file that can be downloaded as well as a youtube tutorial video. I found the pattern really easy to follow and it only took me handful of days to finish this. The pattern makes you work with two pieces of yarn at once instead of one which saves you from having to change out the colors every couple of stitches which makes for a really sturdy hat. I have some ideas for another beanie I want to make so check back in a couple of weeks for another crochet post!

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