Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spare Bedroom Update

           Polka dots everywhere!                                         TV trays as a desk? It'll work for now!

I've been working little by little to get the spare/guest bedroom exactly how I want it. I am still  in need of a desk, some accessories, and pillows but I've managed to decorate the walls a little bit since I last posted about this room. Speaking of pillows for a second, I've seen a number I love but the prices of them are outrageous. I was looking mainly at Etsy and pillow shams/covers alone are a minimum of $20! None of them included the actual pillow, they all just suggested you buy a pillow form cheaply from a craft store. I would make my own, but I can never find fabric that I want or like at my local fabric store, it's really a pain. Anyways...

If you remember from my theme board I wanted to accent the walls with gold polka dots. I found some gold contact paper online and got to work.

I used the lid to a ceramic crock I have to trace out circles to make the polka dots, the back of the paper had a grid which is nice if you're trying to make other shapes or need measurements for anything. After tracing out and cutting what seemed like a million circles it was time to stick them to my wall. I wiped down all of my walls and then just placed the circles in no specific pattern. I wanted the polka dots to just be randomly throughout and I really like how it turned  out.

All in all I'm really pleased with how the room is coming together. I think the final touches will be adding pillows and adding in some more emerald color some where... a rug perhaps? I'll post updates as I have them so check back!

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  1. Ooooo new touches since I was there. Looks cool.