Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sleeveless Granville Button Up in Lizzy House Natural History Fabric

Fabric: Lizzy House Natural History Fabric 
Pattern: Sewaholic Granville Button Up 
Previously Blogged: Navy Blue Eyelet Strip Granville Button Up 

The next couple of blog posts I'll be sharing are all clothes that would normally be considered 'out of season'. I've been sewing spring/summer clothes for two reasons: 1) going to Mexico for Christmas vacation in 9 days! and I wanted to make some new things to wear down there and 2) I didn't make half of the things I wanted to when it was the spring/summer season. I feel like sewing out of season works best for me. I usually find myself wanting to make a million things and getting to about three of them and then the season is over before I wear anything. This way I'll have all of these new spring and summer clothes ready to go right on time. I plan on carrying this through and making fall and winter clothes during the spring and summer. I'm sure there will be new pattern releases that tempt me and I may jump ship but for the most part I think it's just easier and less stressful for me. 

This is my second time making a Granville Button Up. The link for my first version is up above. Previously I had made a size 8 that was graded down to a 6 in the waist and back to an 8 for the hips but I didn't like the hip wings I got. I slimmed this version down and kept it at a 6 through the hips and it fits perfectly. I also decided to make it sleeveless mainly so that it'd be nice for the summer but it's also perfect for layering under sweaters and not having to worry about the bulkiness of sleeves. The fabric has a slight stretch to it which I really like and is pretty comfortable over all. I wish I had paid a little more attention to the butterflies when I was cutting. I think having them directly centered over the button band would've been nice. Speaking of button holes - still one of my least favorite sewing things. My machine just does a horrible job of them, could be user error, and I'm always tempted to do them by hand but I chicken out. 

 I'm really pleased with myself technically speaking. I took my time with this and took extra care making sure the insides were nice and neat. I flat-felled all of the seams so I wouldn't have any loose bits. I also feel like this is one of my nicest collars - it turned out very crisp.

Every time i wear this shirt or see it peeking out from my closet it makes me smile. I love the color, it's my favorite and it matches my mint green Chucks. Pretty fun shirt overall and I know I will wear it a ton!

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