Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Dinner 2013 Part 1

It's hard to throw a holiday dinner for only a handful of people. You want to make all of your favorite or traditional dishes, but sometimes cutting down the recipe size goes wrong, or even if it goes right you're still left with loads of food. Holiday leftovers are always delicious the first day or two after, but by midweek you start thinking along the lines of, "If I never see ham again it will still be too soon." When planning Easter dinner this year C and I decided to keep things small, deviate from our traditional favorite recipes, and only have one dessert. I'd love to make more than one dessert, but there's only us two and C is not as big of a sweets fan as me, and I'm probably going to eat most of the one dessert I do make. We're inviting my friend Danielle, who's also in graduate school with, over to enjoy and feast with us so all in all it should be a good time.

Our Easter Menu as planned thus far (click on the links for the detailed recipes!)
- Glazed Ham with Horseradish Cream
- Greek Potatoes with Lemon Vinaigrette
- Deviled Eggs
- Broccoli Gratin (we're using mozzarella & Parmesan cheese instead of cheddar)
- Lemon Squares

If you don't have an Easter menu planned out yet here's one that can at least serve as a basis for your meal, if you're cooking for a crowd just add a few more side dishes, appetizers, and desserts and you'll be set for Sunday. I'm getting started cooking early in the morning, we're doing our dinner Saturday night, and I'll be sure to post some pictures of how things turn out.

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