Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Punk Puppies

Scrolling through tumblr one afternoon I saw this picture pop up on my timeline, and my immediate thought
after 'aawwing at the cute liddle punk kitty' was that
I could make something like this for my dogs. I have
two chihuahuas, a 2 year old named Neva who's
technically my boyfriend, C's, dog, and Coconut a 6
month old puppy. Now I had never been a fan of
Chihuahuas mainly because I thought they were yippy annoying rat dogs. But Neva turned me into a believer, she never barks and is a huge cuddle bug. Not to mention a beast, she's been on 3 of our 14,000 ft mountain hikes (14ers) and was happy the whole way and in way better physical shape than both C and I.

We had talked about getting another dog, a friend for Neva to play with during the day, and when we saw a picture of Coco we were sold.

Back to the jean jackets vests. I had a pair of jeans that were ready to go to jean heaven so I pulled them out from my scrap bin and cut off about 6 inches starting from the ankle up. I ended up with two tubes which I then cut open, and once laid out I had a rectangle shaped piece of material. I measured both dogs but then just decided to use one of Neva's jackets as a template of where I should cut the armholes. Since I wanted these to have a 'punk' feel to them I didn't hem any of the ends and the arm hole cuts were ragged. I tried them on the dogs and then got to the fun part of decorating.

Coco trying to photobomb
I used supplies I had on hand. For both I used some black paint to write their names. I then used my nail stamper and some white nail polish to stamp on a zipper design on Neva's and a whole bunch of design's on Neva's. I was a little bit bummed out I hadn't planned this project out better after googling 'punk jackets' because I saw some awesome ones with zebra fabric stripes added, patches, and studs that I wish I had to use for the dogs. I had some plastic pearls laying around and some little black beads that I added to Neva's and Coco's, and then I added a piece of ribbon that had beads attached to the bottom to the bottom of Coco's. All in all this probably took an hour.

Coco wasn't thrilled to put her's on but she wore it like a rockstar, Neva just didn't want me to get any good pictures but I was able to snap a few of them modeling.

I think they turned out really cute and I can't wait to make them wear them in the summer. C, used to have a motorcycle and he'd strap Neva into her doggy bag when riding. She would always climb out, as much as she could while strapped into, onto his shoulder and this would've been a perfect riding outfit. Guess he'll just have to get a new one! Now all I need is someone to make me one of these...


  1. If you send me his measurements I will. I'll need from his neck down to mid back, the center of his back down to his armpit, and then the whole length over the back from one arm/shoulder to the other

  2. Ahhhhh, okay!!! He'll be such a cutie