Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Map String Art


 By now I'm sure most people have seen pictures like these before, or at least pictures of string art framing a different state or shape. I've seen a number on Pinterest as well as other crafting blogs, and thought they were cute and a nice way to pay homage to your home state or places you've lived so I 'pinned' a picture of one to my craft drafts board . Last week I was on spring break or as I dubbed it Craft Week 2013, and was able to get these done.
 I had gone over to Home Depot to pick up the knobs I needed to finish my dresser and while I was there I walked past the wood/boards section just to see what they had in stock. I was originally planning on doing this project on canvas, but they had pieces of plywood measuring 24" by 36". I had it cut down to a 12" by 12" and was left with another 12" by 12" and a 24" by 9" piece. When I got home I painted them all white, but in hindsight wish I had left at least one the natural wood grain, however I don't think the string color's would stand out as well. C, had come home after I painted the boards and they were drying on the porch and when he found out what I was doing with them he asked if he could use the other 12" by 12" to make a New York one since that's his home state. I printed us both out pictures of state maps, and since we were both going to use our home towns/cities as focal points I made sure the maps I printed had them listed.

                                                             Ahh the clutter of crafting

We centered our maps on our boards and then using pin nails started hammering in the nails about a centimeter apart along the border of the map. I chose to make a heart shape as well as P, for Purdue my alma mater, over my hometown and college town respectively. C, fancy pants that he is, wanted to make the shape/design of a snowboarding company (flour city distribution) that was founded in Brooklyn and represented in Rochester - whose nickname is 'The Flower City'. After we further reduced our chance of ever becoming friends with our neighbors by hammering in all our nails at 8pm we slowly ripped up our maps leaving just the nails behind.

I chose to use an emerald colored string since I'm hanging mine up in the room with the redone dresser that's colored emerald/cream/gold, and C chose a navy blue and yellow which are Rochester colors. I started by tying my string in a knot around on of the nails making up the heart and then going back and forth between the nails in the heart/P and the nails making up the border. Around and around I went filling in sparse areas, and trying to get enough wrapped around the heart and P shape that they'd stand out as a heart and a  P.

I got mine finished up quickly the next day, C's, however took longer because he wanted to paint in the flour  city logo and thread his with both colors. He thinks his logo's turned out ugly, and didn't like how the yellow lightened up the blue. I think his look's lighter because he did large areas of blue and yellow at first and then went over it with the other color. He also strung his randomly instead of using his flower's as a focal point that all of the string comes off of. I think they both turned out great and all that's left is to hang them.

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