Monday, July 7, 2014

Bombshell Swimsuit

Fabric: Merlot colored rayon/spandex blend from Colorado Fabrics
Pattern: Bombshell Swimsuit by Closet Case Files - $11.00

I made a Bombshell Swimsuit over the weekend (it was a really productive sewing weekend, I can't wait to share all of my makes). I'm not just calling it a bombshell because it's awesome or because I feel like a bombshell in it; it's the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern by Closet Case Files. I've never sewn a swimsuit before, and I wasn't particularly worried. Based on all of my blog stalking I've seen a lot of Bombshell swimsuits made by many other people and not only did everyone say that the pattern was awesome and the instructions easy to follow, but they all looked great in their swimsuits as well.

                         I probably could've cropped these pictures - hello computer chair! Hopefully it keeps the focus off of my butt

I went back and forth between the instructions and just following the pictures in the sewalong posts that Heather had done for the swimsuit. I'd say the whole printing of the pattern and cutting the pieces took the longest, and the actual sewing of the swimsuit only took about a day and a half. About halfway through once I had the bottom portion all put together I tried it on, only to realize that my lining fabric wasn't nearly as stretchy as my main fabric. BIG MISTAKE. I felt like a sausage. Luckily the way the suit is constructed you basically have a lined front part, with another front bodice covering, so I was able to cut out the lining of the front part without having to worry that the suit would become see through. After that the fit was much better because the main fabric had a lot of stretch. Besides that one little snafu this thing fits great. I feel like it looks really fancy and dare I say sexy without being too revealing. I feel like all of my parts are covered adequately and I don't have to worry about anything falling out. I was a little bit worried about all of the ruching, but it is very forgiving and I feel like this is the suit I would wear on a day when I'm not really feeling like having my stomach exposed to the world.
All that's left is to try it out in water, fingers crossed it doesn't fall apart!

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