Monday, February 2, 2015

Reupholstery: Spring tying, padding, and covering the seat

I just thought I'd share a brief update of how my chair project is coming along. It's going good so far if you can't tell by the pictures above.

1. The original chair
2. The chair completely stripped and wiped down
3. The current progress on the chair. The seat padding has been added and the top fabric cut out but it is not yet attached. I have to sew together the fabric that goes along the deck and add piping before I can staple it down completely.
4. The first stage in reconstructing the chair was to apply new webbing to the bottom. This is what holds the springs.
5. The springs then got tied on to the webbing
6. Then the springs got tied down themselves in an 8-point tie. This helps to compress them into shape and make them act as a unit when you're sitting down.
7. I stained the legs and all parts underneath the chair that would be visible a nice rosewood color. The springs were covered with a piece of burlap.
8. Edge roll was added along the edge of the seat in order to help stabilize an area that gets a lot of wear and tear. Cotton batting was added on top of the burlap for padding and to smooth out an bumps from the springs.
9. The foam for the seat was cut out and glued onto another piece of burlap. This piece of burlap then got stapled down to the chair effectively holding the foam seat in place.
10. Maurice the cat thinks that it's good as is.
11. A layer of Dacron got glued on top and around the deck to add more padding.
12. The seat fabric has been cut out and checked for fit.

Even thought I haven't had much time during the week to work on this it's actually coming along quite nicely. I'm hoping to finish it up in the coming week so check back soon!


  1. The chair is coming along nicely. Thanks for the update.

  2. The chair is coming along nicely. Thanks for the update.