Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lingerie: Cloth Habit's Watson Bra & Bikini and Rosy Ladyshorts Patterns

 I still can't believe these turned out so great!
Pattern: Watson Bra & Bikini , Rosy Ladyshorts - Cloth Habit
Fabric/Notions: Blackbird Lingerie Kit 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you these pictures might look familiar. I just couldn't wait to share my latest creations with the world because I'm so excited and proud of how they turned out. This is my first venture into underwear/lingerie sewing and I can see why so many bloggers have been making their own undergarments nonstop over the last couple of months. It's addicting, easy, and a really quick project. I wanted to take a break from the wing back chair project (updates on that here & here) and sew something that I could finish quickly and feel accomplished.

Enter the Watson Bra & Bikini Pattern by Cloth Habit, this pattern was just released a few months ago and people were giving it really good reviews. It's a nice entry into bra sewing as it doesn't involve underwire and it's only $15. The bra can be made in either the long line form pictured above or a shorter typical style bra. Over Christmas I ordered a lingerie kit from Blackbird Fabrics which was great. It included enough fabric to make the bra and two sets of underwear, it included all the notions, and it was only $35. The only problem I had is that shipping was kind of expensive since it was coming from Canada. Next time I would probably source my own notions and fabric, but as an alternative Grey's Fabric based out of Boston also has lingerie kits and a lot of theirs are very lacy & hard to resist.

The pattern was really easy to understand and the diagrams were clear. Some of my elastic stitching was a little uneven and I could probably do a better job of stretching the elastic next time. I think that's just something you get a feel for over time.

                                Watson Bikini                                                                 Rosy Ladyshorts

I made the bikini bottoms that were included in the Watson pattern and those were really straightforward and simple. Probably only took me about an hour to sew up completely. I had quite a bit of fabric left and so I decided to make another matching pair of underwear and so I downloaded the Rosy Ladyshorts Pattern which is a free pattern from Cloth Habit. I actually didn't have enough of the main pink fabric to cut out the pattern pieces completely so I hacked the pattern a bit in order to include a mesh panel using the leftover fabric from the bra band.

I actually think these are much cuter than the basic bikini underwear, but those could always be jazzed up with fancier elastic lace. I actually used a hem stretch lace for these which was a bad idea because it doesn't have nearly as much stretch as a stretch lace does. They fit fine, but they do dig in a little bit and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be the case if the lace was different.

All in all I'm really pleased and I know I will be coming back to this pattern again. The fit of the bra is quite nice and comfortable and it provides really good support considering there is no underwire. I'm on a bit of a buying ban however so it may be awhile before I do purchase new supplies. Until then I'm lucky enough to have a stash of other fabrics and projects (like the wing back chair!) to keep me busy.


  1. Those little shorties are cute cute cute! I think I need to make some now...

    1. Thanks Sarah, they were a really easy sew. I'm definitely addicted.