Monday, March 24, 2014

Sewing: Two New Renfrew's

I've been a busy little sewing bee! Here are the last two Renfrew Tops, from Sewaholic Patterns, that I will probably be making for a little while because I've used up all of the fabric I'd purchased to make a bunch of different variations. I've already made a long sleeve scoop neck that I love and a short sleeve scoop neck that I badly modified and used fabric I probably shouldn't have seeing as this pattern calls for stable knits.

Pretty pleased with how lined up the v part turned out
 I managed to match the stripes up perfectly!

Let's talk about the v-neck first. It fits perfectly, and the knit fabric i chose is sort of fuzzy on the outside but the inside is silky and feels great against the skin. I realized after I cut my pieces out I should've taken better care with how I cut things out on the stripes, however I think I got lucky this time because I didn't really have a problem with things not matching up. I think I might end up top stitching the seam at the waist and arm bands because the seam keeps rolling over and causing the waistband to stick out a bit. Ironing the seams down didn't really make much of a difference and at the neckband where there is top stitching everything lays nice and smooth. Super pleased.

I'm really happy with this cowl neck too. I made this as a 3/4 length sleeve so it would be cozy for dreary days. This was just as simple as all of the others, even with the cowl neckline. I think it took longer to lay out the fabric and cut all the pieces than the actual sewing. You can sort of see what I was talking about with the waist band seam puffing out in the picture on the right. I might top stitch the waist and arm seams on this shirt too.

All in all I've really enjoyed working with this Renfrew pattern. The shirts are simple to sew and come together in no time. I can see myself making many more of these especially the v-neck and scoop neck because they're both really flattering. 

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