Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peek into: My New Desk

My brand spanking new Galant Desk from Ikea - $210.00

I went down to Ikea the other day with the purpose of getting this desk with a glass black top. I was also planning on getting a swivel chair, but they only had the chair in white and since I was getting the glass black top desk I wanted the chair in black mainly to match and also because I would get it filthy in a heartbeat. I didn't end up getting the chair. Fast forward to me setting up the desk and flipping it over to find out I had somehow grabbed the white glass top instead of the black glass top. Luckily I like the white glass top enough to not venture down for an exchange, the white underneath really makes it seem like the desk is illuminated from below. Not to mention the thing is huge, 63 1/2 inches x 31 1/2 inches, so not only is it long but you have a lot of depth to work with as well. I like that I can have a space for my work related things and also a space for my crafting. Click the link to see more pictures, hear more about the desk, and some future craft plans I have to tie in the filing cabinet and my side shelving unit to the appearance of the desk.

The craft side of my workspace

Half of my workspace on my desk  is setup with my main crafting items: sewing machine, sewing box, thread, my smash book/idea book that my mom got me for my birthday last year. The little folders that I hung on the wall came with the smash book, but having my ideas tucked away means I usually forget about them. Having little folders that I can stuff things into onto the wall will hopefully help me remember what's next on my list of things to do or buy. The great thing about this desk and the legs I chose are that in can be raised or lowered. If i'm just sitting and doing desk work, having it lower is fine. But if I want to stand to cut out fabric or draft pieces I can raise the table to standing height which means no more sore back from bending over things on the floor!

My laptop is setup on the opposite side of the desk along with some sticky notes, my To-Do List, my lucky bamboo plant, and a new orchid that I just got.  I didn't really like how my printer was looking on the desk so I set it underneath the desk on the floor and made sure the plug will still reach around the top to connect to my laptop. Since I don't use it that frequently it's fine on the floor, and it's out of the way and not an eyesore. The desk is so deep having the printer on the floor doesn't get in the way of my feet either.

My Spruce Upholstery book - $23.50
I got the Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upholstery and Design book as a Christmas present to myself, and I'm so excited to get started on some pieces I already have and find pieces to redo. Speaking of redoing things, I have my filing cabinet that has my yarn, patterns, and other odd and end sewing things placed under the desk. It fits great under there but it's an eyesore. You guys might not remember but I found it for free last spring and have had it ever since. I'm thinking about painting it, covering it contact paper, or padding and upholstering it. I know I just want it to mesh better with the grey and white on the desk. I'm also thinking about getting some Washi tape to tape the legs on the desk and add in a fun pop of color and then coordinate the desk alongside that. I also have a side table that has a metal frame. I could spray paint/washi tape that as well. Keep checking back for updates and to see what I end up coming up with.


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    1. So organized, you know I love that. :)

  2. I see the cabinet you redid. Can't wait to see it redone.