Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bathroom Theme

Check out the individual ideas on my Bathroom Pinterest Board From Top Left Clockwise: Poppytalk DIY:Custom Fabric Boxes Apartment Therapy's Renters Solutions for pink bathrooms Chevron Wall Inspiration Real Simple's 15 min. DIY centerpieces Mt. Casa Washi Tape      
The main bathroom in the new house is pretty ugly as far as bathrooms go. There's pink tile, a pink sink, and old frosted over bathtub sliding doors. I googled something along the lines of pink bathrooms, and a link for apartment therapy popped up, that had some really great inspirations for pink bathrooms. I really fell in love with the one I have pictured above with the black and white wall paper. It distracts your eye from the pink while making the room look classic. So i've decided on a grey, black, and white theme for in there. I recently discovered Washi Tape, it's a Japanese tape similar in many ways to masking tape although it's much more delicate. People use it for everything, check out this Buzzfeed article to see what i'm talking about. I'm planning on using grey and black Washi tape to make a chevron pattern on my white walls. I'd really like to hang some black and white pictures up in the bathroom as well and I'm thinking about doing city skylines from places I've lived and visited. Check back sooner rather than later for a quick organizing fix I did last night (hint: it involves shoeboxes) and later for updates on the room overall!


  1. I had the same pink countertops! I was only in that apartment for a year, so I just dealt with it. Mostly by having a really colorful shower curtain so I didn't notice the counters. (I also hardly saw them- due to the makeup sprawled everywhere.) I like what you did with the boxes in your previous post! :)