Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 Wardrobe Plans

     Now that the seasons are changing, even though it might snow on Friday, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to make for the spring/summer season. I'm trying to avoid buying any clothes unless it's something that I absolutely have to have, won't be able to find again, and is a reasonable price. When I was planning everything out I was looking for patterns that were nice for summer but dependent on the fabric they're made in could transition for work and for fun summer events. I always feel like I'm behind the curve during the seasons - on the first nice day everyone here busts out their cutest sundresses/shorts/tops/etc. While I want to be fashionable I don't want to buy 'fast fashion' or clothes that are cheaply made and will only last for the season even if they look good now. It's hard not to be tempted but I think I can avoid this dilemma based on what I choose to make.

To start - dresses. I love wearing dresses period. They make you look nice with minimal effort and they're usually pretty comfortable. Especially on a hot summer day when pants just feel sticky and a nice breeze is desired. Looking at these now I realize that the silhouette for each dress is pretty similar - fitted in the bodice with slight bell shaping in the skirt. It's definitely a silhouette that I love because it highlights my  body at it's smallest point which is my true waist. I also already own two dress patterns, the By Hand London Sabrina & the Deer and Doe Belladone, and I've blogged about them here and here. I haven't gotten a chance to make up the Sabrina dress in the button up version yet so that will probably get added to my list as well.

Next up we have shirts & blouses. I feel like a lot of the shirts/tank tops/blouses I own I've had for years and have kind of grown out of. But since I don't have anything better to replace them with I've held on to them. I wanted patterns that'd be versatile enough to wear a bunch of different ways and patterns that had fun design elements like the cutouts on the Datura blouse. I think the Granville Shirt is going to become a wardrobe staple mainly because of how fitted it is and I know I'll be able to wear this alone or layered underneath things. I'm also planning on making sleeveless versions that can be more summer appropriate as well as perfect for layering under sleeveless dresses.

Row 1: Ginger Jeans

I bought the ginger jeans pattern and kit way back before Christmas but just haven't gotten around to sewing them. I'm planning on making both the high waisted and regular versions and I have some otter wax that I'm planning on using to make a waxed version. I wanted to make the maritime shorts pattern last year but never got around to it. I feel like you can never have enough shorts in the summer and I think having a pattern that is a decent length will be nice; nowadays the stores are only selling those super short diaper/butt cheek hanging versions - blegh. I feel like these will look good in twill, denim, or other fun fabrics as well.

I had a ton of fun making a swimsuit last year and I've seen a number of people use this pattern which has quite a few options for you to mix and match. 

 Instead of linking to each fabric I'm going to link to my Pinterest Board that has all of the important info

This season instead of focusing on a certain color palette I decided to stick with fabrics that are mainly neutral - grey, navy, tan and a mix of graphic prints. I typically don't wear a lot of prints and I think that's because I don't have enough basics in my wardrobe to mix and match them with. I feel like all of these prints can be worn with a variety of things I own and mixed-matched for layering as well. Another thing I worry about with prints is that they'll go out of style. I've been seeing tons of tiny 90's flowered things everywhere lately so I'm trying to stay away from fad like fabrics and think long term.

If you've made it to the end of this post you deserve a prize - this was a long one. It's likely that I won't get around to sewing even half of these things. I know at some point I'll be traveling, camping, or just too busy laying in the hammock in the yard to do any sewing. Such is summer. I am trying to prioritize though so I can get the most out of this seasons sewing. I already am working on cutting out a Granville shirt which will be followed by the Ginger Jeans. From there I think I'll try and alternate between dresses and blouses and more Granville's followed hopefully by some shorts! Thanks for reading.

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