Monday, October 6, 2014

Nettie Bodysuit Skirt Hack

Connie is definitely trying to eat my brand new skirt. BAD GOAT

Pattern: Nettie Bodysuit/Dress that I hacked into this skirt - Closet Case Files
Fabric: Eclectic Voyager Fabric - JoAnn Fabrics 

I had picked up about 2 yards of this fabric earlier this summer to make a dress with, but when my mom was in town I ended up making her a dress instead. I thought I'd have enough fabric left over to still make myself a dress but I didn't use my fabric wisely and instead only had enough to make a skirt.

My mom modeling her dress!

I started looking for knit skirt patterns and was considering purchasing the Mabel skirt by Colette Patterns but I held off. Later that same day I happened to be tracing new pieces for an upcoming Nettie Bodysuit and I realized that the dress variation bottom would probably be easily transformed into a skirt, the only piece I'd need to draft would be a waistband. So using the dress bottom and front pieces I started at a size 8 and graded up to a 12 about 4 inches down, to accommodate my derriere, and then went down to a 10. After sewing the two side seams together, which only took about 10 minutes, I cut a 2 inch wide piece two inches shorter than measurement of my waist skirt opening. I pressed it in half but only sewed one half (right sides together) to the raw edge of the waistband opening. This way when I folded it up and over I was able to slip stitch my loose edge of my waistband piece to the inside of the skirt and hide the stitching from attaching the waistband. I forgot to include seam allowances when cutting my waistband piece so instead of an inch waistband, it's about a quarter inch instead, but that's okay!

It was cold the morning I was taking these pictures so I threw a sweater on top of the Nettie bodysuit I'm wearing with the skirt. Even though I'm not a big pattern wearer I can see this skirt being a fun way to break up some of the 'dullness' that goes along with winter. Plus it looks great with a sweater thrown over or a shirt tucked in. The best part about pairing it with my bodysuit is that there was no bulk around the mid-section. The best part about knit skirts however, is how nice they look but how comfy they are, win win!

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  1. Connie is probably trying to eat that bodysuit