Monday, October 19, 2015

Burda 7057 - Dirndl Dress Costume

Fabric: Undershirt: white muslin, Bodice: Olive green twill, Apron: Keepsake Calico Quilting Cotton
Pattern: Burda young - 7057

I'm so excited about this dress. I love costume making for some reason; much more so than sewing everyday clothes. I think it's a combination of all of the components and detailing that come together making something awesome. Every year my roommates and I host a 'Haustoberfest' themed party as an anniversary to my one roommate buying the house we all live in. Jokingly I suggested that I should make a dirndl dress and then decided that I actually really wanted to. It was my first time using a Burda pattern and the instructions were definitely sparser than usual patterns I use. All in all it wasn't that challenging to put together and really no different than any other dress. I did get to practice a lot of hand sewing and some fun new techniques like pleating of the ribbon around the neckline.

I started with the dress. The bodice is fully lined in the same fabric as the exterior and there's a layer of interfacing between the lining and exterior. The skirt is unlined and the hem I catch-stitched per the instructions.

Next I made the undershirt. There were two variations, the version I made, and a version that had more ruffling around the neckline and around the sleeves. I figured since I was doing the fancier neckline trim I'd keep the undershirt simple.

After the undershirt I made the apron which was really straight forward. Last was all of the detailing. I pleated two layers of petersham ribbon into inch and a quarter segments, sewed it flat to the neckline and then sewed the ribbon together on either side causing it to form the open pleats. I have no idea if there's a name for this type of pleating.

One thing I love about costumes is the ability to customize them any way. I could have chosen so many different variations of fabric and ribbon. All in all it turned out great and I'm really pleased with the construction of it overall. Technically I think this is one of the best things I've ever made. Good thing Halloween's right around the corner - I have my costume already made!

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