Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goats, Gardens, and Getting a New Laptop

T-bone in the background and Moosetracks in the foreground - taken by my friend Eliott

It has been a non-stop past couple of weeks. My roommate had 2 pregnant Nigerian Dwarf goats, and I say had even though we still have them, because they're no longer pregnant anymore. The first set of twins came on St. Patricks day, and last week Wednesday the two in the picture up top decided they wanted to be born even though we weren't expecting them for another two weeks!

Malarkey                                         Shenanigans

Luckily we were all home, but that was the day I planned to start working on my clutches that I was planning to make

This weekend was spent camping and getting our garden started. Since we have the goats in the backyard we're doing a huge front yard garden. Saturday we rolled all of the sod up and Sunday we rota-tilled. I'm extremely lucky because one of my roommates parents are vegetable farmers, so I've been getting gardening 101.

            Smoking a bunch of chicken thighs                                                                    The giant garden

After the busy weekend I was finally able to start working on making those clutches. I should have a post updated by this weekend! In other news my laptop decided to die on Monday so I had to go out and buy a new one. I'm typing this post up from my new one, and so far I'm liking it. Unfortunately I had to spend a lot of money, which means I may not end up buying some of the patterns I was thinking of buying this month. Making clothes can be expensive, and sometimes I wonder why I even bother because it's not as if me-made things end up being cheaper than store bought... This also pushes me one more month out from buying reupholstering supplies. At this point I almost feel like I'm never going to get a chance to buy them. I had a horrible day on Monday when I realized that my computer was done for. It's been a frustrating few months to say the least, especially since every time I have big plans to buy something for a project or for my own personal satisfaction something big comes up. Yay, for being an adult (groans). Keep your fingers crossed that I stumble across some money, until then I'll just keep on sewing.

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