Monday, June 17, 2013

Back from Travels

Hi everyone! I'm just getting back from traveling to Italy and spending some quality time with my family back at home. I had a fantastic trip and loved Italy so much. From the food and culture to all of the unbelievable historical sights. Rumor has it that a big work conference is going to be in Italy next year so it looks like I might get to go back sooner than I would've imagined.

Needless to say, I haven't done any crafting but that doesn't mean I don't have plenty of plans. My mother wants a Minoru jacket after seeing how mine turned out, and I really want to put together a duvet cover for my bed. I hadn't been able to find any emerald sheets, but I'm going to do some heavy duty searching in order to find something that can work. My grandmother thought that white sheets with an ivy design might work well, and that's what I'm considering doing in a last ditch effort if I can't find any emerald. I have plenty of other little projects that I want to work on as well. Since we're moving at the end of July my friend Kate and I have been brainstorming decorating ideas as well as crafty things we want to work on together. I can't wait to have someone (who lives with me!) to work on fun crafty things together and just brainstorm with. We even have decorating plans for a craft room. I know we're going to want to do everything at once, but hopefully we can reign ourselves in to go slow and just systematically work room by room. I'm guessing it will take about a year to get everything the way we want it and have money to buy the things we need to do so. Plus, I guess I have to give them some time to actually get settled into their new surroundings.

Speaking of time, why does it seem like the summer months are the busiest jam-packed months? I had/have all of these plans for hikes and beach days but between work and moving and crafting time it doesn't seem like i'll get to just take time to just relax in the sun. My whole week is already scheduled and it's only Monday. I have a white-water rafting work field trip tomorrow during the day, in the evening I'm going to see Mean Girls with some friends at Red Rocks ampitheater. Wednesday I have a volunteer info meeting since my friend Danielle and I have volunteered to work at Colorado Brewer's Festival this Saturday. So busy, but I can't really complain because all of those plans include fun. I just wish I was less scheduled. All that being said I feel inspired to do a mid-month wishlist full of relaxing things that are perfect for the summer months.

Make sure to check back for that and hopefully some craft related posts!

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